Why Sad Laff???

Sad Laff is that happy medium between hilarity and utter despair. It bespeaks a forlorn countenance nurtured only by oft-bitter humor.

How is this accomplished? Just click on the “Strip” link to see some examples!

Remember , Sad Laff is available for your publication, campaign, or project! Contact us to see how we can bring you some sad laffs.

Here’s an example of Sad Laff material as advertising fodder; we provided material for a real estate’s billboard campaign, and we can do the same for you!


All material is copyrighted.

Here’s our “Company Profile”, if it can be called that:


To elicit derisive snorts. Really, what higher praise could there be than the derisive snort? A literary tradition, it is a world-renowned reaction, and is eagerly pursued by post-modernists, post-post-traditionalists, and too-cool-for-school-types everywhere.

Company Overview

Sad laff was formed to address a market deficiency that disfavored the use of primitive and childishly-drawn stick-figures to illustrate the strange and bizarre world of people, which it gently mocks. The company provided a platform for these silly-looking characters to tell their absurd stories.


Sad Laff is the preeminent provider of droll joviality tinged with a bittersweet and oft-melancholy hue. Its snort-inducing gamboling leaves many chuckling softly, often before they are taken away for mental health reasons.

General Information
By reading Sad Laff, you are entering into a legal agreement with its provider, whereby you agree that: (1) The cynical stylings of Sad Laff are not illegal in your planet, nation, dominion, household, ‘hood, ward, cell, or corner, and that (2) You indemnify Sad Laff from any claim of mental anguish, depression, undesirable bowel activity, loss of income and/or interest earnings on ill-thought out California Real Estate purchases, melted ice cream, or any deprivation of one’s time and/or resources as a result of reading Sad Laff material, having it read to you, or contemplating something that was implied by it, and that (3) You will seek medical treatment immediately for any condition arising from an illness, and that you agree to take your medicine as prescribed and scheduled by your health care professional, unless you just don’t feel like it.

Send comments to sadlaff@yahoo.com!

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